Frequently Asked Questions

What is Contra Dancing?

    Contra Dancing is similar to square dancing and many of the figures are the same.  Contra dancing, however, is done in long lines as opposed to squares.  In Contra dancing, couples dance one turn of the music with another couple and then progress up or down the line.  In that manner everyone in the line has an opportunity to dance with each other.  It is great way to meet people.  We typically have one or two waltzes at our dances.  

What should I wear?

    Wear clean, comfortable, loose fitting clothes!  Many women wear dresses, men usually wear wash pants with a nice shirt.  Save the perfume, cologne, and after shave for other events.  Long necklaces, bracelets, and earrings can tangled up so it's best not to wear them.  Above all, wear comfortable shoes, no high heels!  Check out our photos and videos for ideas on what to wear.

How much is admission?

    Admission is $12.  Members of OCTDS, other dance groups, and students get $2 off.  Bring a snack and you'll get another $1 off.  Kids 12 and under are free.

What snack should I bring?

    Brownies, cookies, fruit, bananas, oranges, nuts, cheese, and carrots are popular.  If you are really ambitious bring a salad, quiche, or meat balls. Water and lemonade will be provided.

Who comes to these dances?

    People of all ages come to our dances.  We have dancers in grade school and dancers who are seniors.  If you are a new dancer you won't be alone; typically a third of the people at a dance are beginning contra dancers.

Do I need to come with a partner?

    Definitely not!  Dancers are encourage to circulate and dance with different people.  If you come by yourself, you will soon find yourself dancing with a new friend.

Are the dances taught?

    Yes the caller teaches each dance and walks through the figures.  Beginners are encouraged to arrive early:  The easier dances are done first.  Also at 7:00 PM, before each dance, we have lessons for beginners.  Experienced dancers are always willing to help beginners.

I am a musician or caller, how can I get involved?

    We are committed to developing new callers and dance band musicians.  Many of the regular callers and musicians in the area got their start at our dances.  Please contact us if you would like to play or call at one of dances,  We also have open bands at our dances that allow any musician to play.