Volunteers are vital to making OCTDS run !

Did you know that OCTDS is entirely run by volunteers.

OCTDS has no employees and no paid staff. Volunteers do everything. Without volunteers, there is no OCTDS.

And we need you !

We only contract for bands, callers, and sound technicians for our dance events. No one else gets any money.

And we have room for you to come on board and help us, too ! We have lots of areas you can help, from helping at the front desk, to helping with refreshments, to decorating the dance hall, and more !

Volunteers are helpful not only to our events, but to the long-term health of our dance and music community.  All our Board members are volunteers, too.

The gift of volunteering is more difficult to quantify than a financial gift, but no less important to us. 

Can you offer some time to help make OCTDS dances even better?

Let us know!   Email info@octds.org

How can I help?

Want to help OCTDS fulfill its mission of more music, more dancing, and more fun?

Click here to download and fill out this Volunteer form.   

You can fill it out on your computer, and then save it to your device, and then email it to info@octds.org  - or -  call  (248) 642-3306. 

Volunteer Benefits

Volunteering can be fun. You get to help the organization and the dance community you enjoy ! And you are part of something bigger. You will make a difference in our organization and our events. You can have a rewarding experience helping make our dances better than ever and make new friends in the process !

When you volunteer, you are entitled to a discount on your admission for that event.

Volunteer Jobs

These are our standard volunteer jobs. We can also add or create new jobs as needed.

Front Desk Greet people at events, answer questions, and accept admission fees.

Social Media Post OCTDS activities & documents on social media

Refreshments Set out food & drinks for break and clean up and put away after.

Set Up Set up tables and chairs for events, and afterwards set up for normal.

Angel Help new people by dancing with them and showing them how. Help people feel welcome, to have fun, and to be comfortable at events.

Fundraising Help OCTDS raise money to fund our dances by soliciting members, other nonprofits, foundations, corporations, and government agencies. Help operate our gift card and scrip fundraising efforts.